Navigating your music professional pathway in the 21st century – 12 webinars

Die STAMP Online – Workshops stellen eine Innovation auf dem Gebiet des professionellen und lebenslangen Lernens für Musik-Profis und Musik-Organisationen dar. Die spannenden Webinare zu „Navigating your music professional pathway in the 21st century“ beginnen am 4. Oktober 2017.

The STAMP Online Workshops are an innovation when it comes to professional education for music-professionals and music-organisations. The webinars on “Navigating your music professional pathway in the 21st century” starts on October 4th 2017.

Navigating your music professional pathway in the 21st century A Way Ahead for Music and Entrepreneurship – Registration Open! The STAMP online course of a series of 12 webinars constitute an innovation in the field of professional and lifelong learning for music professionals and aim to improve the quality, creativity and innovation of the music professions, as well as the financial and artistic survival.

While each webinar addresses a different topic, from a different perspective, their content, compilation and order stress the interconnection of different topics, disciplines, abilities, and skills. In contemporary times, artistic and financial survival, carrier success and thriving in the music professional world demand entrepreneurial abilities, leadership skills; psychological development and personal and artistic branding. The series of webinars aim in offering a wide spectrum of topics, ideas, experiences, and stirring up the imagination.

A) Understanding the Key Concepts & Expanding Thinking

  • ‘Leadership in Music’ and personal development for a fulfilling music professional life.
  • Entrepreneurship in music: Why, what, how…

B) Positioning yourself

  • Find your place in the value chain
  • Examples of Social Entrepreneurship in Europe: What is it and how to do it?
  • From the listening ears to the hearing heart: a possible roadmap for social inclusion in and through music
  • Engaging in Community Music: Practice, Theory & Critical Len

C) Find your place in the European Cultural and political Landscape

  • Acting and connecting; The EMC case, Lessons for the cultural and creative sector around Europe

D) Sustainability and expansion in music entrepreneurship

  • Sustainability and International Expansion of Music Venturet

E) Develop your audience

  • Sell tickets in one minute; New trends for audience development in classical music
  • Showcase presentation: Branding and professional career in music – examples of career journeys
  • Cooperation and Networking

Please note that the Webinars will be streamed: once a week from 4th October to 13th December

All webinars start at: 15:00 CET, except webinar 10, which starts at 16:30 CET

Language: English