mica-Workshop: Music & the UK after Brexit

23.11.20 - 17:00 - 19:00



“So you want to play in the UK after Brexit .. well good news you still can and its easier than you might think !”

Led by Ian Smith CEO of two key international agencies based in the UK and Austria for 20 years and founder of UKEARSWORK a free fact checked information initiative to keep creatives working with minimal disruption after Brexit.

It’s still possible ( and not so hard ) to tour in the UK after Brexit. A prime for all musicians and creative professionals/technicians and promoters !

Since the UK / EU transition period ends on the 31st December 2020 musicians and other creative professionals will have to deal with more “red tape”. This webinar will cover the new requirements as we know them at this time, Which will include work permits / visas / Carnets / Payments and Tax.

Ian Smith’s background is owner of two agencies for 20 years, working with musicians of all genres and managers from around the world, currently with over 300 artists from Grammy winners to breaking new talent . Dual based in the UK and Austria for the last 12 years and now with a permanent base in Austria.

He has also been for many years an official UK work sponsor via UK Borders agency and spent 8 years as national chair of one of the UK Musicians Union section working across all sectors of the music industry.

Vortragender: Ian Smith (Frusion and Fizzion International Music Agencies)

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