EMX Capacity Building Programme – Open Call for Music Professionals

Nach dem Launch des EMX CAPICITY BUILDING PROGRAMMS mit einem Call für Musikexporteure (Deadline 14. Juli) sucht das EMX PROJECT, das von der Europäischen Kommission gefördert wird, nun in einem zweiten Call 30 Vertreterinnen und Vertreter der Musikbranche für das Programm. Die Deadline für die Bewerbung ist der 21. Juli.

Building on and informed by the findings on the needs, challenges and opportunities for music exports uncovered by the research in the first part of the EMX programme [read more about all elements of the project here] and previously in the Study on the European Music Export Strategy.

For this programme, the EMX is looking for 30 music professionals that work with export-ready music, to cover a range of sectors including artists, managers, publishers, record labels, PR agents, distributors, live promoters, promotion and broadcasting agents that are passionate and interested in ensuring export potential is reached, exploring new ideas, contributing to a wider discussion and ready to implement the elements learned.

Are you looking for new methods of exporting music? Do you believe that a common European approach can be an added value? EMX is looking for you.

The participants will take part in a series of events, workshops and discussions between September and November 2021 both in person and digitally about how to navigate the “New Normal” in the post covid world, music export from a European perspective, and a focus on growing markets like the Indian one. As well as the core activities, 10 candidates will be invited to a mentoring programme to develop their export potential and apply the ideas learned as part of the official programme.

The deadline to apply is July 21st.


For more information visit www.europeanmusic.eu

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