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Zum 10. Mal veranstaltet impuls eine ganztägige Tour durch Grazer Galerien mit kurzen Konzerten. Über die Jahre hinweg hat das Format ungeheuer positive Rückmeldung von Publikum, Presse und nicht zuletzt von den beteiligten Künstlerinnen und Künstlerinnen selbst mit sich gebracht. So wurde es zu einem fixen Bestandteil der Grazer Musikszene. Der nächste Galerienrundgang mit Musik ist für den 26. Mai 2018, 10 bis 22 Uhr, geplant und wird von Workshops von Mitgliedern des Klangforum Wien begleitet. Interessierte Musikerinnen und Musiker (lebend in oder nahe Österreich) sind eingeladen, beim Call einzureichen.

impuls is, for the 10th time, hosting a full-day gallery tour with short concerts. Over the years, the format has received tremendously positive responses from audiences and the press, alike, as well as from the participating artists themselves, and has become a popular fixture in Graz’s music scene.

Young musicians and/or students (due to organizational and cost-related reasons, currently living in Austria or close by) are again invited to participate in 2018.

The music and gallery tour 2018 starts on May 26 at around 10 a.m. and will, in approx. 1,5-hour intervals, be played successively in galleries in Graz (Blazek, Forum Stadtpark, kunst.wirt.schaft, esc, Minoriten galleries, MUWA). The exact schedule for rehearsals, sound check/arrival and further information about the preceding workshop is still tba.

Pro gallery is a designated concert length of about 30 minutes. The Forum Stadtpark will be the final venue where, till about 10 p.m., several program points will take place. The concerts in the respective galleries are composed of various shorter program items, as well as different musicians/formations. The compositions are to be selected from the fields of modern classical, new and contemporary music, and even improvisational works can be considered. Due to spatial restrictions, the formations should be in the range of solo to quartet. Larger formations, as well as those including percussion instruments and special technology (unless provided by the artists themselves), must be discussed with and agreed upon by impuls beforeh and. Unfortunately there are no pianos available in the galleries.

The registration period starts immediately and ends on February 10th, 2018 via E-Mail:

To be submitted are:

  • Contact information (name, address, telephone, e-mail address)
  • Short biography
  • instrument
  • information
  • At least one program proposal (of course, several program proposals are welcome).

Please state the composer, work title, year and duration of the program.

If it is not a solo piece, the indication of other contributors with appropriate contact information is necessary.

At the latest, after the free workshop days in March 2018, the submissions will be selected by impuls and the workshop management, and the final program will be determined in consultation with the participants.

impuls offers:

In the run-up to the gallery tour with music by each participant, a one-day free workshop (led by Dimitrios Polisoidis and Gerald Preinfalk, members of Klangforum Wien) in Graz, as well as Vienna.

Objective: getting to know each other, working on selected and already prepared pieces, corrections and professional feedback, concert preparation.

Date options: 22nd, 23rd, 24th of March in Vienna / 17th + 18th of March in Graz.

* A “different kind of” podium, application, media presence and organization…

* Accommodation possibilities – not private, but shared rooms (i.e., youth hostel) plus paid travel expenses by mutual arrangement respectively a small financial subsidy.

* Furthermore, in cooperation with the Brücken Festival in the Mürztal region, all participants have the chance to be selected for a paid performance (September, 29th 2018) at the festival.

For more information, contact:

Ute Pinter per E-Mail:

Of course, it would be our pleasure to send you former programs of impuls MinuteConcerts as well as further information on impuls. Relevant information can also be found at

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