Ausschreibung: 41. Frederic Mompou International Award Barcelona

Im Gedenken an Frederic Mompou und seiner Frau C. Bravo wird der 41. Wettbewerb für junge KomponistInnen 2020 ausgeschrieben, in dessen Zuge der Frederic Mompou International Award Barcelona verliehen wird. Einsendeschluss ist der 18. September 2020.


Any composer who is no older than 35 on 31 December 2020 can participate in this competition. The works must be completely unknown. They must not have been previously performed, published or disseminated in any format.

This year, the work must be for:
Saxophone and accordion duo. The saxophone can either be soprano, contralto or tenor. These instruments may be alternated as long as they can be played by the same performer.

The style and scoring methods of the work are completely unrestricted. The recommended duration is between 10 and 18 minutes.


The Frederic Mompou International Award for 2020 consists of:

  • Prize money of €4,000. This sum will be subject to Spanish taxation.
  • Publishing and marketing of the winning score by the publishing house Editorial Boileau.
  • Premiere of the work at a concert organised by the Xarxa de Músiques a Catalunya or at other concerts organised by Joventuts Musicals.

The Frederic Mompou International Award cannot be shared or declared void. The jury reserves the right to award two honorary mentions. This year’s winner cannot compete again until the competition of 2023.

Presentation of the scores

  • The scores will be presented anonymously: a pseudonym must be used.
  • No slogan or pseudonym may be used that identifies the composer or the work presented.
  • Incomplete scores will not be accepted.
  • A score that is badly written may be refused.
  • Scores must be sent both by post and email.

How to send the scores

  • 1. By post: 6 copies of the score, bound and in A4 format (21×29.7 cm) or similar, bearing the title of the work and the pseudonym.

A sealed envelope, bearing the same pseudonym, and containing: entry form, duly completed, photocopy of identity card, passport or proof of identity and a brief curriculum vitae. The six scores and the sealed envelope must be sent to:

Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona
Premi Internacional Frederic Mompou
P. O. Box 5498
08080 Barcelona-Spain

Participants must inform the organisation at that scores have been submitted.

  • 2. By email: 1 copy of the score in PDF format (maximum 5MB) bearing the title of the work and the pseudonym, to

The scores that arrive by only one of these means will not be accepted.

Presentation deadline by post and email: Friday, 18 September 2020. (incl.)

Scores that have been sent by registered post before this date will be accepted. One copy of the scores presented will be kept in the entity’s archive. The remaining copies will be destroyed.

Jury and verdict

The jury will be made up of five professionals of recognised prestige in the world of contemporary music. Their identity will be disclosed when the verdict is made public. The decision of the jury will be taken by absolute majority and the verdict will not be open to appeal. Once the verdict has been made and it is found that the winning work or its author has not complied with all the rules, the composer will be stripped of the award. The verdict will be announced before the end of October 2020.

Award-winning work

Once the verdict has been announced, the award will be presented. In accordance with JMB’s concert programme, the award-winning work will be premiered on the “Xarxa de Músiques a Catalunya” concert tour or at other concerts organised by Joventuts Musicals. The work will be recorded and broadcast on the Catalan radio station Catalunya Música or on other media decided by the organisation. The intellectual property rights will belong to the composer. In future recordings and programmes, the following text must appear: “Frederic Mompou International Award in the Young Composer Competition organized by Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona, 2020”. Once the award has been made, the winner will be required to present a copy of the score in the Finale or Sibelius. Editorial Boileau has the publishing and marketing rights to the score.

The winner must accept this point regardless of other publishing commitments.

Participation in the competition implies total acceptance of these rules. Anything that has not been foreseen in these rules will be governed by the regulating rules of the local administration. The Catalan version of these rules will be the legal and official version.

More information

Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona
Passeig de Gràcia 108 2n. 2a. 08008 Barcelona-Espanya
Tel. + 34 93 215 36 57

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