Jazzfestival Steyr // Marta Klouckova & David Doruzka




Altes Theater
Handel-Mazzetti-Promenade 3, Steyr, Oberösterreich, 4400


Marta Klouckova & David Doruzka
A singer and a guitarist, both composers and equally unmissable personalities of the Czech jazz scene, meet at a concert consisting of their original work and their favorite songs, mostly from the 60s. Multi-genre singer of unique qualities and velvety sound Marta Kloučková and the phenomenal jazz musician, multiple winner of the Czech Anděl music award David Dorůžka, bring their dynamic, delicate and suggestive music and emotionally nuanced lyrics. The duo works in a very spontaneous way, and its concerts are currently a laboratory where a new material for an album may crystallize. The unusual possibilities of how the listener can grasp their music can therefore be a dilemma enriching the impression of being present at the concerts of this creative duo. Marta and David reinterpret the songs in their own way, combined with the sensitive approach and warmth that defines them. Their music is dynamic, delicate and evocative without lacking lightness. The atmosphere of Marta`s emotional speech combined with David’s invention and deep musicality promise an experience that will get under the listeners’ skin.