Studie zur Erfassung der Vertragspraktiken von Urheber:innen – bitte beteiligen Sie sich!

In late February, the European Commission (DG CNECT) launched a “Study on contractual practices affecting the transfer of copyright and related rights and the creators and producers’ ability to exploit their rights”. The study aims at examining contractual practices used in the creative sectors to transfer copyright and related rights from authors, performers and producers to contractual counterparts exploiting these rights. For authors and performers, this study will map the applicable rules at national and EU level and gather information and evidence on the contractual practices used in different sectors. It aims to assess the impact that such contractual practices’ impact have on authors and performers’ ability to be remunerated for the different exploitations of their works. ECSA is in close contact with the consortium carrying out this study and calls on composers and songwriters (and their representative organisations) to participate to this study with concrete examples of unfair contractual practices, such as buyout contracts or coercive publishingIf you are a composer or a songwriter interested in sharing your experience about contracts, please contact the ECSA team at ECSA and the consortium guarantee full anonymity and full confidentiality for all the data provided.