Minimum fee recommendations and collective agreements in the music sector

This listing of minimum fee recommendations serves as an orientation guide for musicians and organizers in the field of music.

Collective agreements exist in some areas of the music business: for example, the large orchestras in Austrian provinces, as well as the orchestras of the State Opera and Vereinigte Bühnen Wien have collective agreements. The Austrian Promoters’ Association has also concluded a collective agreement with the Austrian Trade Union Federation/Younion for union members.

The respective interest groups have developed minimum fee recommendations for freelance composers and musicians. These are non-binding, and are therefore not subject to antitrust laws.

In Austria there are three professional associations that publish minimum fee recommendations, the Austrian Composers’ Association (ÖKB) and the Musicians’ Guild. The Austrian Federation of Trade Unions/Younion is also involved in the development of these guidelines.

In the summer of 2020, the IG Freie Musikschaffende/Austrian Association of Freelance Musicians was founded, and has developed recommendations especially for the freelance orchestra musicians and private teachers.

Minimum fees for compositions
The recommendations for minimum fees for compositions were developed jointly by the Austrian Composers’ Association (ÖKB) and the Austrian Trade Union Federation/younion.

Number of performers or partsDuration of  the composition:
up to 10 minutes
Duration of the composition:
10-20 minutes
Duration of the composition:
20-30 minutes
Duration of the composition:
1-2from € 1.845,-from € 2.460,-from € 3.075,- -
3-9from € 2.460,-from € 3.075,-from € 3.690,-from € 9.840,-
10-19from € 3.690,-from € 4.305,-from € 4.920,-from € 12.300,-
20 or morefrom € 4.305,-from € 4.920,-from € 5.535,-from € 14.760,-
Music Theatresfrom € 9.840,-from € 18.450.-
Large Hallsfrom € 12.300,-from € 24.600,-
Minimum fees for live performances
The Musicians’ Guild is a non-profit organization of active musicians and the largest interest group for freelance musicians in Austria.

It recommends the following minimum fees for performances by ensembles and bands whose members perform individual parts, such as a four-piece pop band or small classical ensembles. The lowest recommended fee – for a regional act – is € 350,- per person. There are no recommendations for solo performance fees in the literal sense.

  • concert international act: € 770,-
  • concert national act: € 570,-
  • concert regional act: € 370,-
  • Playback performance radio: € 470,-
  • Playback performance television: € 770,-
  • Rehearsal fee
    – 1 day (max. 8 hours): 50% of the evening fee
    – Sunday and public holiday surcharge: 50% of the evening fee
  • Performance rights for concert recordings: 1 evening fee
  • Television Recording/Broadcast: 2 evening fees
  • Picture/sound recording: 1 evening fee
Hint: further minimum fee recommendations of the Musicians‘ Guild such as for sound carriers or advertising can be found here:
Minimum fees for free orchestra projects and for music lessons
The IG Freie Musikschaffende / Austrian Association of Freelance Musicians (IGFM) was founded in summer 2020. As one of its first activities, it has developed fee recommendations for freelance orchestra projects.

Based on the results of its calculation, The IGFM recommends following the Austrian orchestra collective agreement model. These minimum fees are to be adjusted for inflation every 2 years.

The recommendations are based on the working period / rehearsal unit system: one unit is defined as a rehearsal of maximum 3 hours, with one 20-minute break.

The IGFM recommends for free orchestra projects:

  • a minimum fee of € 94,16 per rehearsal unit
  • a minimum fee of € 188.32 per concert unit

The IGFM recommends a fee of approximately € 60,- per hour (before taxes) for private for private instrumental and singing lessons. This fee should be adjusted according to the personal situation.

Collective agreement for musicians
This collective agreement was concluded between the Austrian Promoters’ Association and the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, younion – die Daseinsgewerkschaft (= The Existence Trade Union). It applies if a member of the promoters’ association hires musicians.

Collective agreement for musicians from 1st May 2019 (Salary scale)
Anlage A/1 zu § 32 des Musikerkollektivvertrages.

 dailyfour times a weekthree times a weektwo times a week
Up to 4 hours per working day€ 1.373,17€ 1.008,95€ 847,79€ 595,34
Up to 5 hours per working day€ 1.593,85€ 1.145,11€ 975,19€ 673,07
Up to 6 hours per working day€ 1.738,25€ 1.247,32€ 1.057,40€ 740,83

For the so-called itinerant service, which is only provided once a week, € 37,- gross per working hour up to 6 hours, and € 30,70 gross for more working hours.

Minimum wage in Austria under collective agreements
There is no statutory minimum wage in Austria. However, 99% of employees are covered by collective agreements and are therefore entitled to a minimum wage. The WKO (Chamber of Commerce) and ÖGB (Austrian Federation of Trade Unions) have agreed upon a minimum wage of € 1.500 per month in most collective agreements.

The total costs for the employers, at a gross salary of € 1.500 paid 14 times per year, are about € 27.300 (depending on the province).

In comparison: In Germany the minimum wage is regulated by law and amounts to € 9.35 gross per hour as of 2020. There is a vacation entitlement and the right for getting continued payment of wages in case of illness.

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This information is published with the kind permission of:

IG Freie Musikschaffende / Austrian Association of Freelance Musicians (IGFM)
Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund/younion
Österreichischer Komponistenbund (ÖKB)

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