Call for entries: KlangArten Orgel-Kompositionswettbewerb

Der Verein KlangArten schreibt einen internationalen Kompositionswettbewerb für zeitgenössische Orgelmusik aus und lädt Komponistinnen und Komponisten ein, ihre Werke einzureichen. Der Aufruf richtet sich an Komponistinnen und Komponisten aller Nationalitäten und jeden Alters.

The aim of the competition is to create an interdisciplinary composition with elements from one or several genre or world musics or other art disciplines. The participants are encouraged to create a work that reflects innovation, originality and expression and responds to the organ´s idiom. Particular attention should be paid to crossing stylistic boundaries. The selected works for the finals will have to be reworked into a second version of the same composition.


  • Instrumentation: organ solo (and, for finals: organ with 1 or 2 other instruments/actors/media)
  • The first version should address the specifics of large organs and their acoustics and can be composed for organ alone. The second should be adapted to small organs (without pedal keyboard, with 1-3 stops) and can be completed with 1 or 2 other instruments/agents /media.
  • Clear comprehensibility of the musical text is expected. Verbal instructions and explanations must be in English.
  • Pieces or a group of pieces with a duration of not less than 4 minutes and not more than 12 minutes may be submitted.
  • If the formal criteria are not met, the pieces will not be included in the jury’s decision-making process.


The deadline for submissions is 1st December 2021. The awarded compositions will be performed at the Heldenorgel in Kufstein (Tyrol, Austria) in spring 2022 at a prize-winner´s concert. The winner composition will receive 800 euros, second 600 euros and third 400 euros. They will be consequently performed in venues in the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. The selection of the finalist compositions will be announced via notification by mail by 28th February 2022.


  • Curriculum vitae and work catalogue
  • Composition
    – Score in PDF format (individual parts are only required after the piece has been selected)
    – Audio (as WAV or MP3 file, e.g. MIDI-exported file or physical recording)
    – short description of the work in PDF format to be digitally sent to: