Ausschreibung enoa: Open Creation Journey

Das Netzwerk enoa startet eine Ausschreibung für das neues Programm “Opera Creation Journey”. Es bietet Musiktheaterschaffenden Zeit und Raum, um innovative Opernprojekte zu entwickeln. Das Netzwerk unterstützt dabei Projekte, die neue Handlungen, Formen und Ästhetiken erforschen, die die Vielfalt der heutigen Welt verkörpern und von Kreativteams aus allen künstlerischen Bereichen eingebracht werden, die sich aus einem diversen künstlerischen Talenten zusammensetzen.

enoa launches an open call for its new programme “Opera Creation Journey”. It will offer time and space to creators to develop their innovative opera project.

The network wishes to support projects with new narratives and exploring new storylines, forms and aesthetics that embody the diversity of today’s world and brought by creative team from all artistic backgrounds made up of a diversity of artistic talents.


enoa is a European network of opera academies, composed of 12 members, which supports and accompanies artists in training and creation for 10 years. The network firmly believes that the future of opera in Europe depends on the sector being open to a greater diversity of artists as well as being open to exploring innovative operas celebrating stories that reflect the world today.

Empowering Opera – Breaking boundaries for institutions and artists is our new programme and with it the network will be a driving force for inclusion while empowering the opera world to renew and reinvent itself. To enhance those commitments, all enoa’s members signed a manifesto where the values and beliefs of the network are shared: to discover our manifesto.


We offer time and space to develop your innovative new opera on our ‘Opera Creation Journey’ through mentorship, research and development time (Labs) and career development.

There are two phases of the selection process:

Phase 1: up to 10 projects/creative teams will be selected to go through to the second round which involves:

  • a project pitch preparation workshop to better equip your team to advocate for your opera (up to 2 artists per team)
  • a pitching session of your project to the enoa partners before being selected to join the Opera Creation Journey

Phase 2: your project could then be selected for advancement within the network which will include:

  • a dedicated enoa institution, who will provide support and mentorship for you and the team and your project development,
  • 1 to 3 Labs (residential research and development time for your project hosted by one or several enoa institutions (2 to 5 days per Lab))

If selected, this journey will be bespoke to you and built around the needs of you and your project.

An important element of this programme is about connecting people in person, if for some reason you are unable to take part in person we will try to accommodate digital participation.

The current COVID-19 health situation can impact the implementation of the programme activities. We are fully aware of these possibilities and are currently working on alternative plans if needed.

Deadline to apply: March 3rd, 2021 (11:59pm French time)
We will not be able to accept late applications.

Application should be fulfilled online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Sophie and Lucile at

enoa – open call “Opera Creation Journey”