Resources For Support for Ukranian Artists

It’s clear what the number one thing to do right now to help Ukraine is: STOP THE WAR. Second up: supply the basics – food, water, shelter, safe travel, immigration services, financial and emotional support, etc. There is no illusion that cultural and music-based support comes anywhere close to aiding the cause of restoring humanity and infrastructure, or meeting basic needs.

But ON TOP of that, in the spirit of helping in every and any way possible, the following is a non-comprehensive, ever-growing compilation of suggested practices and resources for support of Ukrainians, and, specifically, Ukrainian musicians and artists, given the current tragic state of affairs.

General Information:

Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists: Office Ukraine provides assistance to people from the cultural environment of Ukraine who are looking for help – both online and on-site as a mediation and coordination center. The platform connects the cultural workers from Ukraine with institutions, individuals and initiatives in Austria who are willing to support them in crisis situations.


Special Funding from the Federal Ministry of Austria for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKÖS): The funding of the BMKÖS is intended to provide quick and targeted support to Ukrainian artists who have fled their country by providing financial means in the form of work stipends as well as project funding, thus ensuring that they can work and live safely in Austria. In particular, a framework for networking and exchange with the art and cultural scene in Austria is to be created.

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research: Tuition fee exemption for Ukrainian students in force—universities/ukraine/tfe.html


WKO – Austrian Economic Chambers: Information about employment in Austria

Caritas: legal advice


University for Music & Performing Arts Vienna (mdw) – MORE program for Ukrainians who want to join the Spring Semester:

The University of Applied Arts Vienna (die Angewandte) – Ukraine program, for special access to courses or full-pfledged student spots

Universität Mozarteum: Information about support for Ukrainian students and lecturer


Dachverband Austrian Filmmakers Association: Filmmakers for Ukraine

More Information about international support: