(beta) – The sound portal for media producers and other sound enthusiasts

AllThatSounds (ATS) is a collaborative sound database for all kinds of sounds and samples. It is the result of a research project carried out at the University of Applied Sciences St.Pölten with the support of the FHplus funding programme of the FFG.

Special to ATS are its unique possibilities to find and retrieve sounds from the database, which are much more intuitive than common, text-description based databases. This is achieved by:

Verbal description and tagging
Helps you most when you already know what you are looking for

Categorization with an optimized scheme
Is great for defining search criteria that cannot be easily wrapped in words

Machine analysis
The killer feature when cruising through ATS to find the sound “that fits” but never would have found

AllThatSounds is still in a protoype state and lots of work has still to be done! This page might change soon, features will be added and removed and many things will be tried out. It is still a long way to the ultimate retrieval tool, but with ATS were on track!

What about copyright?

All sounds in the database are available under the CreativeCommons sampling plus license and can that way be used by everyone free of charge.