Wed, 26.03.2014 - 08:20

Federspiel is a band on a mission to liberate Austrian folk music from its dusty image and give it a modern edge and a fresh start which appeals to all ages.

In 2004 seven young musicians from Vienna and the Lower Austrian area got together to revitalise and bring to a new audience local folk music incorporating their own unique musical interpretation. Tearing down borders people think exist in using folk music, they developed and began to write their own compositions which now form a large part of their repertoire. Here their in depth study of original folk music scores proved to be really useful in creating a contemporary new sound using this source material, but we'll come back to that later. These guys knew exactly what they were doing when they discovered and created their own interpretations for this preserved traditional music, since their own roots are also in classical music studies.

Mon, 21.10.2013 - 10:10

Over the past two years the Grossmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar has rocketed its way through the international world music scene. In 2011 they caused quite a stir with their debut album "Gallato" and have ever since been able to make a name for themselves at home and abroad. Concerts have already led the ensemble around singer and accordionist Franziska Hatz to numerous foreign countries. This year the band's summer was determined by an extensive European tour.

Sun, 07.07.2013 - 13:14

Danceable is the keystone of the Viennese band !DelaDap, which encompasses a diverse cosmos of sounds from folks music to disco, as well as traditional elements harking from eastern Europe and the near East. The mastermind of the project is the DJ and producer Stani Vana, who has worked with a host of notable guest musicians and for the last three years, has quickly garnered a larger following and well received albums.

Wed, 27.03.2013 - 14:57

Some bands have such an incredible mixture of styles, a melding of every possible genre into one distinctive blend of sounds which meld into a unique musical expression. The uninitiated should picture an extremely exact and precise group of musicians, who fit all the seemingly wrong pieces and gears of a totality which combines to a perfect homogenous whole. The Merry Poppins are such a band, hailing from Salzburg, and raised in the pop culture of the Postmodern, for them the fight between genres is already decided and played out, and they have taken the combinality and equality of the genres, which emerged out of the revolutionary sentiment o fthe 1990s with a shrug.

Thu, 28.02.2013 - 08:10

Initially planned as a onetime project, Klaus Paier and Asja Valcic have now officially partnered up as a duo  after four years of collaboration, including the impressive and acclaimed album Á Deux and countless concerts at home and abroad. Equipped with cello and accordion, the just recently released second album, Silk Road (ACT) turns out to be a wonderful symbiosis of two very special sonic languages.

Mon, 19.11.2012 - 15:34

Manu Delago seems to have it all worked out. Numerous collaborations with internationally renowned ensembles and orchestras imply that the Hang player and composer has made a respectable name for himself on international ground. On his new CD “Manuscripts” (Session Work Records) the bustling and busy Tyrolean, who joined pop icon Björk’s ensemble last year, mainly devotes himself to projects that have crossed his way in the recent past. Together with the award-winning Icelandic women’s choir Graduale Nobili and the London Symphony Orchestra, Manu Delago once again impressively demonstrates on how many levels and in how many different musical contexts the gentle sound of the Hang instrument works and presents himself as a truly skilled composer. To add to the listening experience, the CD comes in a package with a DVD that shows images of the exciting creative process.

Wed, 05.09.2012 - 10:04

Alp Bora’s music stands simply for cultural diversity, the highest artistic amalgamation of musical traditions into one homogenous expression of contemporary urban world music, which could hardly be more rich in its variety and scope.  Raised in Istanbul and long since a fixture in Vienna, this singer and guitarist has been intrepid in drawing bridges and intertwisting traditions between traditional folks music, (from his old and current homelands) musical epochs and contemporary styles. Although he is focused on a modern interpretation, he never falls into a stereotyped approach or cliché musical forms endlessly repeated so often today, rather, his music becomes an homage to historical forms, their reincarnation and renewed intention, as few have matched at his caliber.

Thu, 28.06.2012 - 14:04

Jelena Popržan and Rina Kaçinari are the perfect example of how one, without problem, breaks boundaries and freely traverses borders; not only musically, but having both been raised in conflict-laden countries, the one from Serbia, and the other from Kosovo-Albania respectively, have each taken from their experience and unified it with creative output.  Since a long while they have accompanied each other on this creative journey, which began with a first encounter at a musical production they each participated in, and has lead to a steady rise in notoriety within the Austrian music scene, especially with the release of their first full length album.

Tue, 20.03.2012 - 17:17

For years the duo "Die Strottern" has been making a name for itself in the local music scene and has succeeded in being recognized as a fundamental institution on the Austrian music map. With their fresh and modern version of traditional Viennese music, Klemens Lendl (vocals and violin) and David Müller (vocals & guitar) are jointly responsible for rejuvenating this specific style of music. However, the two musicians are by no means interested in maintaining ancient artifacts. With their interpretation of Viennese song, the duo rather proves that there is a lot more to say in this genre, without having to correspond to traditional stereotypes. Thus, it is a long and elaborate balancing act that Klemens Lendl and David Müller have taken upon themselves - a balancing act between traditions and modern approaches, between the vast treasure of Viennese songs and the inclusion of sound elements from other musical styles such as jazz. Die Strottern is dedicated to a new, modern and charming interpretation of traditional Viennese music that even appeals to those who are rarely into this kind of music.

Thu, 15.03.2012 - 16:46

For the first time Sound Park Austria explores the genre of Folk music and how it fits into our contemporary cultural landscape.  Austrians Ángela Tröndle and Sophie Abraham perform together as ‘The little band from Gingerland’. As singer-songwriters they experiment with their voices and a variety of instruments. Their first album, a mixture of original songs as well as settings of several poems, was described as versatile and humorous. Their performances seek to take the audience on a musical journey through many sounds and styles.